Government of Nepal, Ministry of Defence

नेपाल सरकार

रक्षा मन्त्रालय

Government of Nepal

Ministry of Defence

Functions of Ministry of Defence

According to Business (Allocation) Regulation,2063 Ministry of Defence is responsible for:

1 Organization and control of Nepal Army.
2 Coordination of Military Training.
3 Oversight on Military Welfare.
4 Procurement and Production of military Hardware's.
5 Oversight on Military activities and Military Operations.
6 Oversight and Coordination of Military Constructions.
7 Development of Military academy, installation, communication & transport.
8 Provision of Military storage.
9 Enhancement of Military Intelligence capabilities.
10 Development and establishment of Military Hospital.
11 Establishment and Management of Military barracks and offices.
12 Coordination and Direction of Military assistance in natural calamities and development.
13 Organization, Training and Administration of National Cadet Corps.
14 Welfare of Retired Military Personnel.
15 Oversight, Establishment and Coordination of National Parks and Wildlife reserves.
16 Provision and Procurement of Military Aircrafts.
17 Welfare schemes.
18 Coordination with the National Security Council(NSC).
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